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Theme Park Employees At Disney, Universal Arrested In Child Sex Stings

Dozens of theme park employees have been arrested for child sex crimes since 2006, according to new a report.

A six-month investigation by CNN unearthed details that 35 Walt Disney World workers, five from Universal Studios Orlando and two more at SeaWorld Orlando, have been arrested in child sex stings or charged with child pornography in the last eight years.

Two of the cases for child porn possession occurred on Disney property, the New York Daily News reported. None involved Disney visitors.

While 32 have been convicted, the remaining cases are pending.

Those arrested include security guards, a VIP tour guide, a costumer, a gift shop employee and maintenance workers.

Robert Kingsolver, 49, was arrested in a sting operation in February.

"My life is ruined. My family's life is ruined. My kids' life is ruined. I've devastated my parents because of bad judgment," Kingslover told CNN.

Kingslover, who oversaw ride repairs at the Magic Kingdom, pleaded not guilty to soliciting child sexual acts from a 14-year-old and traveling to meet a minor for unlawful sexual activity.

Disney employs 70,000 people and says it takes park safety “very seriously.”

"We have extensive measures in place, including pre-employment and ongoing criminal background checks and computer monitoring and firewalls," a spokesman told CNN.

He said the number of child sex predators is "one one-hundredth of one percent of the 300,000 people we have employed during this time period."

"We continue to work closely with law enforcement and organizations like the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as we constantly strengthen our efforts," he added.

Universal Studios spokesman Tom Schroder said the park has "zero tolerance for this kind of activity."

"The company has policies and procedures in place and we need to take appropriate action as needed,” said SeaWorld spokesman Nick Gollattscheck.

"Wherever you find children, you'll find sexual predators that want to be there," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told CNN.

"Anyone that works around children, whether it's a church, nursery, or Disney or any of our other theme parks, we should be able to give a polygraph examination to them," Judd added.

Sources: New York Daily News, CNN

Image Credit: Candace Lindemann, Jeff Christiansen


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