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Quadruplets Overcome Hardship And Find Success (Video)

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Four quadruplets from California have overcome tremendous odds to succeed (video below). 

Bianca, Madison, Tiffany and Paris Lucci are together known as the Lucci Quadruplets. Outwardly they had a perfect life. They reportedly grew up in a mansion in Beverly Hills, raised by successful parents. The family had money, lived in a fancy neighborhood, and had a swimming pool in the backyard. 

But things were reportedly not so bright for the Lucci sisters behind closed doors. The girls were routinely beaten by their father, according to He even allegedly broke one of the sisters' arm. He also allegedly neglected the girls, giving them less food than their brothers whom he is said to have cared for much more than the sisters.

Newsner reports that things turned around for the girls once they reached the sixth grade. That was when their school discovered what was happening at home, and community members took action. It all started when one of the girls reportedly came to school with a head wound. Police were called, and the girls first learned about foster care.

According to Newsner, after the incident, community members began to step in and give the girls food because they were so malnourished at home. One day, their mother allegedly told the girls she was leaving to buy presents and never returned. That evening, police arrived to pick up the girls and place them into foster care.  

"Some of the foster parents love the children they care for, but others only care about the money they earn," one of the quadruplets said, according to Newsner.

At first things were tough for the sisters, as they were separated and had to move many times between foster homes. Their father reportedly continued to stalk them, threaten their foster parents, and try to get the girls back into his own care.  

Throughout it all, the girls relied on one another.

"If I had been alone, I don't know what I would've done," one of the sisters said.  "I didn't have anything.  My sisters are my great support."  

When the girls were younger they were told that they would never be able to graduate because they were foster children with a tough upbringing. However, the 19-year-olds are now high school graduates looking optimistically towards the future.  

"We will be successful and we will never treat other people like our dad treated us," the sisters said.  

You can see their moving story in the video below. 

Sources: Newsner, / Photo Credit: Pinterest via Newsner

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