Instant Karma For Girl Who Used Racial Slur (Video)


A video (below) of a black girl punching a white girl in the face after she called her the n-word has gone viral.

The clip was posted on Twitter on March 15 and shows two young girls arguing in Oklahoma.

The altercation starts with the black girl, called Aleeyah, saying, “Are you running up?”

“You're on my property,” the white girl retorts. Aleeyah repeats her question.

The unidentified white girl lashes back, saying: “No [n-word].”

The black girl then shoves her and says: “Who are you calling a [n-word]?”

“You,” the white girl responds, before Aleeyah knocks her out straight in the face.

As the white girl falls to the ground, Aleeyah keeps striking her.

The beatdown continues until someone nearby tells Aleeyah to stop.

Aleeyah tweeted that the white girl threatened to “blow my head off” before the confrontation was recorded, the Daily Mail reports. She added that police weren’t pursuing her because the “threats were made by [the other girl] initially.”

Aleeyah also said the white girl was older than her, despite looking smaller.

“I personally do not condone violence but I can not stand back while I along with my culture is disrespected,” she wrote on Twitter, according to the Daily Mail.

The clip gained so much attention that Aleeyah’s punch has been immortalized as a Meme, reports The Root.

“Black Twitter” users have photo-shopped the famous punch against the backdrop of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Harriet Tubman. Another user replaced Aleyah’s image with Muhammad Ali during a fight.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Root / Photo credit: Aleeyah405/Twitter via The Root, YouTube

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