Theaters Forced To Cancel Screenings Of “Team America: World Police” After Terrorism Threats


After threats of terrorism and a major hacking scandal, Sony has decided not to release “The Interview,” a comedy featuring Seth Rogen and James Franco where they play journalists on a mission to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, North Korea’s leader. The movie was set to debut on Christmas day, and some movie theaters responded to Sony’s decision by airing “Team America: World Police.”

The Dallas/Fort Worth Alamo Drafthouse theater, The Plaza Atlanta Theater in Georgia and the Capital Theater in Ohio all planned to screen “Team America: World Police” because it targets Kim Jong-Il, the former leader of North Korea. In “Team America: World Police,” a puppet version of Kim Jong-Il not only sings “I’m So Ronery,” he's also killed on screen and it’s revealed he’s an alien cockroach hiding in a human body.

Now all those theaters have been forced to cancel their screenings of “Team America: World Police.” Paramount Pictures, the company that distributes the film, informed them the film was "out of service." 

"Due to circumstances beyond our control, the TEAM AMERICA 12/27 screening has been cancelled. We apologize & will provide refunds today," Alamo Drafthouse theater in Dallas/Fort Worth wrote on its Twitter account. The Drafthouse's Dallas/Fort Worth manager James Wallace told The Hollywood Reporter "We're just trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation.”

Neither Paramount Pictures nor The Drafthouse responded to requests for comment by The Hollywood Reporter before press time. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter Image via Photofest


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