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Theater Kicks Mom And Baby Out Of R-Rated Movie

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A Nebraska woman was "kicked out of 'Bad Moms' for being a mom."

Kendra Haifley, mother of 9-month-old Silas, had been planning to go to the movie "Bad Moms" with her neighbors for several months. Although the rest of her friends were able to find childcare, Haifley’s sister-in-law canceled plans to babysit at the last minute because she had the flu.

"With my husband being gone for work, and my mom, MIL, and babysitter busy I decided to bring along my baby to GIRLS NIGHT!" Haifley wrote on Facebook on July 31. "Let me tell you, bringing a baby to girls night is and has always been my first choice (shaking my head, no). However, I had bought a ticket, I love my neighbors and dangit, I wanted to go to the movie!"

Haifley, along with six friends, went to Lincoln’s East Park Marcus Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska. However, she was immediately told she would not be able to watch the movie with her child.

"The mall rent-a-cop came in and asked me to leave otherwise he was going to call the cops, is what he said," Haifley told WOWT. "He informed me that was the policy that a child under the age of 6 couldn't be in the movie theater. He was concerned about the content of the film that I was going to be exposing my 9-month-old to."

Although children are allowed into R-rated movies, individual theaters can make their own rules regarding their R-rated movie policy.

"I purchased my ticket ahead of time online and never once did I see anything about an age policy," Haifley said. "The only thing it said is the person purchasing the ticket 17 or older, which clearly, I am."

After Haifley and her friends left the movie and received a refund for their tickets, they ran into another group that also had a baby, according to Haifley's Facebook post. The acting manager for the evening, Tim K, allegedly said Haifley had not "smuggled" her baby into the theater, which is why she did not get away with it.

"What it comes down to is, I'm an adult, and I can make responsible choices for my children," she said, WOWT reports.

In a statement, Marcus Theatres said its age policy is similar to that of other movie theaters.

"R-rated movies are intended for mature audiences to enjoy in an adult setting," the statement read.

Sources: WOWT, Kendra Haifley/Facebook / Photo Credit: Kendra Haifley/Facebook

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