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The Worst Cars on the Road

You may feel pretty cool riding around in your big old fancy Cadillac Escalade, but be advised -- you are driving the worst car on the road.

According to an analysis by Forbes, the giant SUV is not a good vehicle at all, based on reliability and performance studies conducted by Consumer Reports.

Some of the criteria include high cost of ownership, low fuel efficiency, low rating for overall value, and poor scores for reliability, safety and performance.

Luxury cars are often at a disadvantage on lists like these.

"The worst value, the highest cost of ownership--you've got to remember there is a numerator and a denominator in these things," says Terry Woychowski, the vice president for quality and global launches for General Motors. "To use an analogy of a watch: If you looked at dollars to buy a watch vs. accuracy of time, you'd probably buy a Casio. [Compare that] to the price and value in a Rolex--you'd say, 'Well, shoot. It costs so much!' For vehicles like this, it's an uphill battle."

Here is the entire list:
-- Cadillac Escalade
-- Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
-- Dodge Nitro SLT
-- Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
-- Mercedes Benz S550
-- Chrysler Town & Country
-- Chevrolet Colorado
-- Chevrolet Aveo
-- Jeep Liberty
-- Nissan Titan
-- Smart For Two

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