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The Truth About What's in Your Hot Dogs

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Q: If "Happiness Is a Dead Animal," then what does that make a malnourished, exhausted, or mistreated animal?

A: A hot dog, according to the meat industry, which recently admitted that it uses dark, firm, and dry (DFD) meat—which "can be the result of prolonged stress in animals prior to slaughter, either because the animals have been underfed, or they are overly fatigued due to transportation and mishandling, or both"—to make "high-quality" products like hot dogs.

Makes perfect sense, right? If an animal is destined for slaughter, why bother treating him or her humanely when you can use his or her underfed and overly fatigued flesh to make hot dogs? I'm thinking that all the antibiotics, dioxins, and hormones that are loaded into meat have finally gotten to those industry officials' heads.

Instead of chowing down on DFD flesh, maybe they should try some DDF (that's "darn delicious faux") meat instead?

Posted by Logan Scherer


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