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The Sorrowful End to 100 Sled Dogs

For a period after the 2010 Olympics tourists in Canada were interested in the experience of dog sledding, a service provided by a company called Outdoor Adventures Whistler which also appears to be connected to another company called Howling Dogs. When the business began failing, a worker was ordered to make the business more "cost-effective" and, to that end, to shoot the dogs. Approximately 100 out of the 300 dogs in the pack were gunned down. Of course there was tremendous suffering as they did not die instantly. In one instant described by a British Columbia SPCA officer, one dog ran with his or her "face blown off and an eye hanging out".  The shootings were also done in front of the other dogs who actually tried to fight back to no avail. In fact, it was reported that the worker slit one dogs' throat as the dog bravely battled back.

Clearly, they did not want to incur veterinary fees for humane euthanasia or spend the time relocating the dogs. They just massacred them. The B.C. SPCA and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating. The worker involved actually filed a worker compensation claim for stress over the incident. It will be interesting to see if the "I was only following orders" defense is asserted successfully.

This is outrageous and disgraceful and should be no part of a civilized society. But I am not surprised. As animals are treated as inventory, stock and business commodities, there value is assessed as is that of property and not as a living being. The thanks for working their hearts outs is misery and death.  Zoos, circuses, pet shops, petting zoos, personal protection industries need to be monitored carefully as greed will always find a way. The less invested in the "inventory" the higher the net profit.

"He that will not be merciful to his beast is a beast himself."  Thomas Fuller


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