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The Society for Neuroscience Condemns Attacks by Animal Rights Extremists

In the latest Nexus publication, the Society for Neuroscience writes:

"News outlets recently reported University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) neuroscience professor and SfN member David Jentsch was targeted by animal rights extremists. Jentsch received an envelope containing a death threat and razor blades, while a similar threat was made to a member of Jentsch's research team [....]  

SfN strongly condemns the continued threats, violence, and harassment directed toward researchers.  The Society stands united with Jentsch, the members of his team, and all researchers who use animal models to advance scientific discovery.  SfN is committed to promoting public awareness to the vital role of animals in research and supporting all scientists that come under attack. 

Read the UCLA news release on the threats and Jentsch's open letter to the group claiming responsibility for the attack. View SfN past president Mickey Goldberg's statement on animal research during Neuroscience 2010 and visit for SfN resources and tools on the responsible use of animals in research."


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