The Religious Right Don't Want Gays in Public Pools?


A gay and developmentally disabled couple in Hazard, Kentucky were kicked out of a public pool in that city. Because they are gay. Not because of any actual behavior, but just because they were gay. Now, if that was a private pool, that would be one thing, but for a pool that is paid for by taxpayers, including, of course, gay taxpayers, to kick out a gay couple, is a blatant violation of the law and ethics.

Well, this being Kentucky, it might not actually be illegal in law to discriminate against gays in a publically owned pool.

Indeed, in this pool a maintenance technician stated that the staff "owns this pool." Really? I thought it was the people of Hazard, Kentucky, which probably includes a number of gay individuals.

I didn't realize that a maintenance technician had that much authority anyway. The staff member stated he was doing what was in the bible, so he could do it. Of course, we aren't a Christian theocracy, and I don't believe that Hazard, Kentucky is one either. This is one reason why I write on the importance of ensuring that we keep our government secular and not to promote religion through such things as a deity in our Pledge of Allegiance. It gives confidence to men and women like this, to make us the United Theocracy of America.

People such as this are one reason why atheists are being charged extra by billboard companies, in at least one state, because of the risk of some "good" Christian vandalizing a billboard put up by atheists or humanists. Something that has happened time and time again, unfortunately. The Christian Right wants us to be a Christian version of Saudi Arabia, it is up to the rest of us to say, enough.


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