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Real Danger of Lobster Zone Crab Claw Game

There is such a thing in some restaurants, (I won't mention names because the publicity is helping their business) as a "lobster zone crab claw "game. Like the classic claw game for plush prizes-this one allows the customer to catch a live lobster.  While legally insufficient to sustain animal cruelty charges absent additional aggravating factors, it is sufficient to cause concern and outrage. The reason is pure and simple. What are we teaching our kids?

 Mentoring humane behavior is the most efficient and successful way to teach it. Conversely, tolerating and participating in "casual cruelty" and behavior that desensitizes children to the plight of other living things is the fastest way to kill their sense of compassion and empathy. What better imprimatur than the participation of parents and peers? Why be surprised when children move on to torment other animals? Bob Talbert said “teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best”.

 Parents - tell your children that tormenting food animals before they are eaten is not okay. Lawmakers - ban the practice. Consumers everywhere - boycott every business that treats animals in a less than humane way.


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