The 'Other' Canadian Seal Slaughter Is Starting

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Although it's not as well known as Canada's massive annual slaughter of baby harp seals, the yearly gray seal massacre in Hay Island, Nova Scotia, is just starting—and it's just as horrible and unnecessary as the other bloodbath. As Rebecca Aldworth of Humane Society International/Canada aptly describes it, "I have no other way of saying it than on Hay Island, seals are beaten to death with what looks like baseball bats in front of each other."

Last year's slaughter was called off because of a lack of support. This year, unfortunately, the seal killers lined up buyers in advance. This is why PETA campaigns year-round against the Canadian seal massacre. It's also why we (and, more importantly, seals) desperately need your help in bringing the carnage to a permanent end—especially if you live in Canada!

Written by Jeff Mackey


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