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The New York Times "Cries" for Homosexual Couples

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TheNew York Times continued a drumbeat of propaganda for same-sex marriage this weekend with a front-page story on "The High Price of Being a Gay Couple." It purported to estimate the financial hardships suffered by same-sex couples because they are not permitted to "marry."

But some of the paper's assumptions regarding their hypothetical homosexual couple (a lesbian pair in New York) bore little resemblance to the real world, while others inadvertently revealed why there is little reason to pity such couples.

For example, they assume this couple has two children and remain together for 46 years until the death of one partner. However, a survey in the journal Demography found that only 22% of female couples and only 5% of male couples (constituting only 0.05% and 0.01% of the population respectively), are raising even one child. And other research has shown that homosexual relationships are far less likely than authentic marriages between a man and woman to last for a lifetime.

Another of the Times's assumptions, however, was that the couple would be college-educated, with a joint income of $140,000. This reflects the reality that homosexuals tend to be more highly educated and to have, according to some surveys, higher disposable incomes than heterosexual couples (the median income for a family of four in New York is $75,000--barely half what the hypothetical "gay" couple makes).


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