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Black Americans: Stop Using N-Word in Your Speech

Black America we did not deserve for this to happen to us, but here we are several generations removed from state sanctioned slavery and much of the trauma of that era still afflicts us.  However, understanding the affliction gives rise to alternatives for remedy. 

Knowing that continual embracement of a word which was cause to dehumanize your great-great-great Grandmother and Grandfather, reducing them to 3/5 of a being and one that now has you mentally enslaved you must somehow find the strength to break away from.

You can be in denial all you want but anything you are addicted to, any habit you can not break – YOU ARE A SLAVE TO.

Freedom –  Exemption or liberation from the control of some other person or arbitrary power.  In 1863 the Proclamation of Emancipation was signed freeing the American slaves. 

But yet a man isn’t truly free until the shackles of the human mind, body and spirit are broken, only then is a man truly free.  Until one is capable of taking control of their own mind and thoughts he is still a slave.   

UVCC’s Board of Directors is asking you as Black Americans to join with us in helping to eradicate the n-word from our vocabulary. Realistically the term isn’t going to disappear into thin air but it can be eliminated from any and all Black African Americans speech, breaking that last link in the chain of mental enslavement.  It all begins with you!   Contact:

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