The most powerful interest group in the USA


The trial lawyers an important part of rule of law in this country also has a sinister dark side. The trial lawyers is said in certain circles to "own the democratic party"! Once Obama won the presidency, it is now payback time for the lawyers.  Allow me to mention several political paybacks to the trial lawyers: 1. The removal of malpractice caps allowing the sky is the limit in lawsuit cases. Fallout: Increased premiums for all in this country. 

2. Terrorist trials in civilian courts as opposed to military trials. Fallout: Close to one billion dollars in payment to the law firms involved. A lowering of security against terror attacks in the USA.

3. The "through the roof" costs on prescription medicine in the USA. Fallout: Tremendous extra expense laid on the heads of Mr. and Mrs. USA citizen.  The Pharm. co's. have to financially protect themselves against mass tort and to accomplish this feat, they have to tack on billions of dollars for their products. Put this extra money into a slush fund, ready to be paid out if necessary to lawyers.

I believe the above just scratches the surface.


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