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The joys or not of Costco

Why do I love Costco? Today is a good example of why. I decided to go to Costco mainly for a hot dog and to pick up a great folding chair that has a tray attached with a drink holder ($34.99 that I saw at a friend's yesterday). How did I walk out spending $242 plus change? When I go to Costco, I must admit I like to walk the aisles as a form of relaxation. Up and down I go looking at "treasures" that I can't live without. Today was no exception.

As I was walking to my car I was going over the "treasures" in my cart and wondering why I needed another 10 kitchen towels in a package ($11.89) or the great not needed purse for ($34.99). Also, thrown in were some vitamins (($14.99) and of course a bottle of Pinot Grigio ($9.99) to wash them down. Of course just having eaten an all beef hot dog with drink ($1.50+tax) so I wouldn't be hungry walking the aisles, I still managed to buy a cooked chicken ($4.99), a package of fillet mignon ($25.72) don't even eat much meat, a bottle of Grey Goose, 1.75 liters for my boyfriend's birthday present ($45.99), a box of a million tic tacs ($10.99), a package of fresh cut green beans ($5.49) and a big bag of organic mixed vegetables ($5.89). To round out my last items I bought two surge protectors with a swivel capability that you put right on your current outlet plate thereby making it really easy to attached all sorts of plugs and finally my 8 pairs ($10.99) of those short half socks for tennis shoes. Seem to never have enough. For a grand total of $242.69. Thank goodness I don't do this often.

In actuality none of these items were needs but all wants. Treasures to enjoy but nothing that will change my life for the better or the worse. Some more convenient items (surge protectors) that replace perfectly good products. I have a drawer filled with kitchen towels. Why I have what I now consider a collection is beyond my comprehension? What makes Costco so enticing? Is it the mass quantities of things you can buy in one fell swoop or is it the perceived value for items paid? Wonder what the theory is for their marketing success? Do we need tons of boxes of kleenex, toilet paper and paper towels to only come home and realize you already had tons but since you had to put them in different closets they now engulf your house everywhere. Oh, but I will use them eventually is a good rational. But what about vitamins where the vitamins might go bad before I could take all of them or the socks that only add to another collection or the 1000'a of tic tacs that are in my purse, in my car, in my art studio and strewn about my house so I know I will always have great breath. I save on mouthwash but I did consider that today as well.

In my defense I did think about other items but ruled them out today. 1000's envelopes, discount tickets on movies and restaurants or stuff for my grandkids like these great slides for the backyard which wouldn't even fit or the portable kayak which I know would be fun at the beach. I looked at clothes for myself and passed. I always peruse the books but since I am a library person I can pass those by.

And last but not least the chips, cookies, cakes and candy. Thank goodness I know my limits and just couldn't have that much junk as I am not good at self control. What gave you your first clue????? Now off to Bed Bath and Beyond but that is another story.


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