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The institution of traditional marriage, why mess with it? How far do we go?

 For thousands of years, marriage was a business transaction involving the sale/purchase of another human being (the woman). A major hit to the “institution” of “traditional” marriage was when Henry VIII imposed the “Divorce” option (1527?) into the Church of England (but women were still considered property).

In the USA, the “institution” of “traditional” marriage was destroyed when women received the right to vote in 1929. Keep in mind the biblical verses (especially Genesis 3:16) were used then to fight against woman having the right to vote. If politicians catered to women voters, then the “institution” of “traditional” marriage would be lost (voters don’t want to be considered “property”).

Interracial marriages were also considered to be a threat to the “institution” of marriage. That too was changed in 1967 when interracial marriage became legal. Interestingly, a major reason against interracial marriage was that it would “open the doors” to interspecies marriage… Does that sound familiar?

The term “marriage” is still a financial transaction, but in the USA no longer legally consists of defining a fellow human as property (although you wouldn’t know by listening to most wedding vows). I encourage everyone research the history of marriage and comment what you consider “traditional” if the real “tradition” of marriage has been destroyed almost 100 years ago.

Would you support marriage rights for conscious AIs if and when they exist (after they fight and win the war for freedom from servitude of humans)?

Would you support marriage rights for highly intelligent aliens that just want to assimilate into human society on earth because they have been rejected by their own native planet and have nowhere else to go?

At what point does the term marriage become useless (if it hasn’t already)?


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