The Importance of Arms in America

To explain the relevance of the picture. 

Once there was a group of men who had captured a Lion they kept for a Zoo. The lion did not like being caged after a life in the wild, but was becoming adjusted to its new life life. The men who owned it were respectful of the lion. After all, it was a strong dangerous beast. 

After time, a veterinarian told them they could have the teeth and claws of the lion removed, making the creature safer to be around.Since all the men respected the lion and treated it with care, not to mention he didn't need them any more, they agreed. At first there was no change in the behavior of the men towards the lion. Even without its claws it was still strong. 

But in time they forgot the strength of the lion. It could harm them, but they would live through anything it could do. They began to respect the lion less and less. They began to forget to provide it food and water, to open the door of its den and became abusive of it. 

The lion could no longer accept its behavior at the hands of its captors, who had become careless. When one of them entered its cage, the Lion bowled him aside and made a break for freedom. He never made it, a zoo guard shot him before he was a dozen steps away.

This parable is to explain a simple point. While the lion was armed, the men were respectful of it, and through their relationship both profited. The lion because he did not have to work so hard to find food, the men because people paid to see the lion. 

However, the men, deciding that since the lion didn't need its claws, took them away. It was not long after the lion lost its useless claws, that it needed them to protect its self from the men who had ownership of it. 

Next time any organization tells you that you do not need your guns because the government is respectful of your rights, remember that as soon as there is no reason to respect you the respect will end. As long as both parties are strong, the interactions between both will be mutually profitable. History shows that when the government is stronger than the people, the people become property of the government. 


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