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Green, Carbon and Icecaps: The Fear Merchants

As the concept of being environmentally responsible or ‘green’ became deeply entrenched in our society, our focus was on buzzwords like carbon emissions, ozone holes, and melting icecaps.
So effective was the means by which the message was conveyed – everyone from United Nation-backed scientists to Hollywood celebrities to PR-hungry multinational corporations to failed Presidential candidates telling the average person that the sky was falling – that eventually the matter reached the unique level of ‘not debatable’.

Anyone who was silly enough to actually question this ‘fact’ was ridiculed. Redneck, rightwing nut, climate change ‘denier’…

See, that’s where they went too far. As is often the case with movements that are unexpectedly accepted in a fad-like fashion, the environmental movement got greedy. They announced the matter closed, dealt with. End of discussion. Global warming…er, we mean climate change is real. No question.

Listen to us, buy our message (and our products) or we will all burn.

Even those who exposed Al Gore and his factually-questionable film An Inconvenient Truth as something inconveniently less than the truth, including several thousand of the planets leading scientists, were ignored or were portrayed as ignorant fools or sinister slimeballs working from a corporate agenda.

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So complacent were the enviroNazis that when they met their Waterloo, namely the fraud-exposing Smoking Gun the tree-huggers hoped the world would never see called Climategate, they initially played it off as a non-issue.

Only after those same Sheeple on the Street who were counted on for their minds and their wallets started asking questions about climate change did the Greens start to panic.

People who once suffered the symptoms of the Eco-guilt virus and believed the sermons of the experts, who claimed that the cure was to be found in a Toyota Prius or a CFL lightbulb or in an international wealth distribution agenda presented as an emissions treaty like the Kyoto accord, are now asking to see the evidence.

We know the books were cooked. We knowAl Gore has a history of talking the talk while his walk leaves much to be desired. We know Gore just purchased his fourth – fourth! – home.

The average citizen of the free world is now listening to those scientists who dare submit alternative theories. We are open to hearing their opinions, even if they differ from the accepted line.

We want to know, if Climategate is proof that this has all been a swindle, who is responsible and who has profited.

Many of those who are at the forefront of the propaganda machine are also those who are in industries created by the global warming scare, such as those who sell so-called ‘carbon credits’.

Who has cashed in?

Who exactly are the fear merchants?


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