Conservatives Divided: Some Hate Gays, Some Don't

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There are two divisions in the conservative movement.

Simply, those who hate gays and those who don't hate gays. Sometimes those who hate gays state, "well we only hate the gay sex act or we only hate  homosexuality." Don't be fooled, they hate gays also.

The language of the far religious right is one of loathing and disdain for anyone gay. In fact, many still won't watch Miami Vice to this day because of the pastel shirts. I hope that reference didn't date me too much. Well, a gay conservative group, GoProud, is going to the CPAC convention. This is a convention of conservatives who might disagree on gays, but probably all think that those minimum wage workers make too much darn money.

 Well hate groups such as National Organization for Marriage (along as it's not a gay marriage of course), Focus on the Family (along as not a gay family) and the Liberty Council (liberty to marry along as it's not a gay marriage) are boycotting CPAC because a gay group is now allowed in.

Greg Gutfeld of Fox News does a very funny job mocking these bigots. In fact, it might be the first good thing to ever come out of that "fair and balanced" network.


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