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#ThanksMichelleObama Trends After Disappointing Lunches (Photos)

First Lady Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch initiatives have provoked the ire of high school students. Throughout her husband’s presidency, Michelle Obama has worked with the USDA to tackle childhood obesity by creating new guidelines for school lunches.

The new nutritional regulations include reduced calories, fat, sugar and sodium. Mrs. Obama also pushed for more fruit, vegetables and whole grains. 

The sarcastic hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama started trending after several schools in Wisconsin served Thanksgiving-themed meals. 

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The food is unrecognizable to anyone who’s ever seen turkey before. A student named Hunter Whitney posted photos of a glob of brown mush and a single red apple along with the caption: 'Had a very #healthylunch today. The apple definitely made up for the 'mystery mush' #ThanksMichelleObama.’

Another student, Marissa Garret, tweeted: “So disappointed in this modified Thanksgiving lunch.. @MichelleObama #ThanksMichelleObama.” The accompanying photo featured canned green beans and several lumps of beige and brown food.

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The school meals didn’t improve today. Many students were irate that their chicken strips were unsatisfactory. Student Malachai Dobbins quipped: “It's chicken finger Friday! Oh wait no it's not!” Another student illustrated the point by posting a photo of his three small chicken strips accompanied by an apple.

School nutritionists and food service workers have hailed the passage of the new nutritional laws, but have also criticized the guidelines, saying the caloric inflexibility has sparked a dramatic downturn in lunch sales.

Mrs. Obama said in July that she would “fight until the bitter end to make sure that every kid in this country continues to have the best nutrition that they can have.”

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Sources: Daily Mail / Image via Twitter


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