Thanks and Giving


It's so weird but this is the first year I have separated the words for Thanksgiving. I find myself giving thanks was more this year and giving, as always, throughout the year. Why the shift in thinking? I think it is because I have met so many amazing women writers in this year than any that have passed in my lifetime. I have done more expressive giving this year than ever before. I feel like I have come of age this year more than any. I give throughout the year in time and money but this year giving feels different. Not quite sure why. There is a shift in the air and I have caught it. It rises me up in the morning and settles me at nighttime. I hear many more words this year in thought and through my writing. Why now? I am just better able to accept myself as a writer after many years of writing for myself without putting my words out there for others to read and comment. Not sure when the shift came and how I leaped out of my box to perform in front of an audience-filled with family and friends and total strangers. It started me on a whole new path of creativity. It was always there but now it is really out there. The internet and writing sites have given me a chance to share my words with some amazing people and has led me on a new path for the second third of my life. I am amazed when the words flow and touch someone else and they let me know it. My world becomes a vision in High Definition, colors are brighter, the sky is bluer and the wind crisper and cleaner than ever. My soul is bathed in sunlight brighter and bigger than ever. I am living the life I was meant to live. I struggled for many years to find my place and I feel I am there now. Peaceful, soulful- a life of Thanks and Giving.


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