Thank You, Jesus! Truck Crash Leads to Free Pot on California Street


Call it the Kush Crash or the MaryJane Fender Bender.

A street in California was paved not with gold but with green, much to the delight of marijuana lovers who made off with bags of their favorite colored weed.

According to a report from the San Jose Mercury News, police say a truck carrying an illegal load of marijuana crashed and overturned early Wednesday morning, sending its precious cargo spilling into the street.

While the driver of the truck ran off, several drivers and pedestrians who were in the right place at the right time grabbed as many bags of pot as they could before they heard the approaching police sirens.

Officers were able to recover some of the pot, as well as a loaded handgun in the truck. Police are still looking for the driver as well as for the bystanders who took the bags of marijuana. However, they have no descriptions of any of them.

Perhaps they can check the nearest 7-Eleven surveillance camera. Word has it that Cheetos and Doritos all sold out within the hour.

It's not clear exactly what caused the truck to crash. No other vehicles were involved. Perhaps the driver sampled too much of his wares.


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