Thai Woman Commits Suicide By Jumping Into Crocodile Pond at Tourist Attraction


A 65-year-old woman in Thailand reportedly committed suicide in an unusual, horrific way: she jumped into a pond of crocodiles at a farm that is popular with tourists.

The incident took place on Friday when Wanpen Inyai visited the Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo, located one hour outside of Bangkok, reports Straits Times. According to the woman’s sister, she was suffering from depression and stress when she reportedly leaped into the pond, which was inhabited by hundreds of adult crocodiles.

Farm staff attempted to stop the crocs from attacking the woman by prodding them with sticks, reports BBC News. It was later discovered that the woman’s family had been concerned for her health earlier that day and attempted to file a missing persons report when they couldn’t locate her, but were told by authorities to wait 24 hours.

The woman’s suicide has opened up a discussion about what some are calling “lax” safety rules at this, and several other Thai tourist attractions. The fences at the farm are reportedly just a few feet high, which allows visitors to feed its reptiles.

Sources: Straits Times, BBC News

Photo Credit: AFP


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