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Texting And Driving Accident Victim Speaks Out About Dangers (Video)

Texting and driving is essentially the smoking of our time. Everyone knows that it is bad for you. Everyone knows that it has deadly consequences. But way too many people still do it anyway.

The difference between people who smoke and people who text and drive, though, is that the latter group puts other people’s lives in danger. Whereas folks can simply get up and walk away to avoid secondhand smoke – drivers on the road can’t get away from people who text and drive.

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Metro recently reported on a story about the sort of damage a person who texts and drives can do. Not simply to others, mind you, but also to themselves.

Liz Marks was a pretty typical teen girl; she enjoyed hanging with friends, going out and all the usual stuff that kids of that age do. She also texted and drove. Ultimately that caught up with her.

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Marks was involved in an accident that left her “blind in one eye, unable to taste and partially deaf." The once popular girl who was always texting suddenly "found herself struggling to keep friends,” according to Metro.

That is how quickly things can change.

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“Everyone else was doing it,” she said. “So I thought I was okay. I thought I was invincible. But clearly I was completely wrong.”

The video below documents the danger of texting and driving. Marks hopes that it will prevent others from making the mistake that ended up costing her so much.

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Source: Metro / Photo Credit: Screenshots


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