Text From Son To Mother Before Arkansas Tornado Hit: 'Goodbye Mama'


Several storms passed through central Arkansas this weekend, resulting in tornados that caused significant damage throughout multiple communities.  

At least 15 individuals died as a result of the storms, with over 150 sustaining injuries and 260 homes being destroyed. In response to the natural disaster, the Obama Administration has declared Faulkner County a major disaster area. The area is eligible to receive federal assistance, and President Obama himself plans to visit the region soon, according to KSDK.  

As individuals in Arkansas are recovering both mentally and physically, one mother has only a text message conversation between her and her son to remember her child’s last moments. 

Regina Wood was attempting to tell her son, Jeffrey Hunter, that everything would be okay during the storm. The tornado was headed straight for Hunter’s house, as Wood followed the storm from her home 20 miles away.

“I have a text on my phone as the tornado was hitting [that says] ‘Goodbye mama,’” Wood said to NWA Homepage. 

Hunter died as a result of the tornado. According to Fox 8, he was in the house with his father and stepmother, who survived. 


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