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Texas Youth Coach Jailed After Reportedly Using Profanity Against Officer

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After reportedly calling an off-duty officer an ugly name, Texas woman and respected coach Jessica Curs, 31, was jailed.

Curs, a mother, was thrown in jail after an off-duty police officer, in plain clothes, accused her of cursing at him during a little league basketball game in Burleson, Texas.

While Curs has denied the accusation and insisted that the officer misunderstood her, she was thrown in jail.

“I don’t understand how someone can have it in them to do something so horrible,” Curs told CBS DFW of the officer.

Curs is known for her winning streak. A team of her girls once even won against a team of boys. In February, however, a particular basketball game between 9-year-old girls got wild.

“The whole game they’re saying little things at me, like quiet, so the coaches hear it, my husband hears it, the monitor heard it,” Curs said.

Curs replied to the hecklers -- one of whom was off-duty Capt. Gary Melson of the Alvarado Police Department -- at the end of the game, although her exact words are still under debate. Two months later, Curs was jailed under a warrant that claimed her behavior constituted a criminal offense.

According to Melson, the issuing officer, Curs had used profanity during the game.

The game’s referee Andy Love told CBS DFW that the accusation against Curs was “absurd” and that nothing had happened during the game that would warrant jail time. Two officers were called to handle Curs, although Love reported that one had a hard time keeping a straight face. Love noted that the officers seemed annoyed that they had been called to deal with Curs.

When Curs went to coach another game in Alvarado, Texas, that same day, she was reportedly asked to sign a criminal trespass warning that said they didn’t want her in their gym. While Curs was allowed to watch the game her daughter was participating in, she wasn’t allowed to coach.

Two months later, Curs received a notice for evading arrest. When she went down to Johnson County Jail to turn herself in, she spent six hours behind bars.

Curs has continued to coach through the season. She noted that games are often so competitive that the officer and other fans like him react radically.

An update from The Houston Chronicle reports that the criminal charges against Curs have been dropped.

Curs' lawyer, Jonathan Mitchell, released a statement on Sept. 23.

"We believe Captain Melson's actions were an abuse of his authority as a law enforcement officer," the statement read. "At this time we are considering all of our client's options to protect her rights and make sure that something like this never happens again."

Sources: CBS News, The Houston Chronicle

Photo Credit: CBS News


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