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Watch: Purse Thief Almost Escapes -- Until A Bystander Does Something Unexpected (Video)

A Texas woman who shot at a man who allegedly tried to steal an elderly woman’s purse turned herself in, police say (video below).

On the afternoon of Nov. 20, witnesses say a man tried to steal a purse from an elderly woman while she and another woman were unloading groceries in the parking lot of the Bellmead, Texas, Walmart Supercenter, according to KWTX. The thief ran off with the purse while four or five men chased after him.

Eventually, the group of men caught up with the purse-snatcher and pinned him to the ground. While they were holding him down, a woman who saw the incident from her truck parked and got out with her handgun.

She reportedly walked to the scene and pointed the gun at the purse thief. When the thief got out of the hold of the men who pinned him down, he tried to run away but was quickly stopped when the woman fired a single shot at him.

A cellphone video of the incident was posted to Facebook by Marisa Pina, according to the Daily Mail.

"OMG!!!! What is happening to Waco?" she wrote alongside the video on Facebook.

The thief tripped as the shot was fired, but he wasn’t hit, KWTX reports. He was recaptured. Meanwhile, the woman who fired the shot got back in her truck and drove away. 

The purse thief was identified as 27-year-old Andre Dawson. He was arrested at the scene.

The unidentified woman turned herself into police that night. No charges have been filed against her at this time.

Sources: KWTXDaily MailYouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail, KWTX

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