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Police: Texas Woman Kidnaps And Tortures Brother's Ex-Girlfriend Because She Suspected Involvement In His Death

Police report a Texas woman gathered a group of people to take revenge on the ex-girlfriend of her slain brother by abducting and drugging her.

Mercedes Salazar, 32, was arrested on Oct. 25 after a 25-year-old woman was discovered screaming for her life in a home on San Antonio's West Side on Sept. 9, according to the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. BCSO spokesman James Keith said in a statement that the group held the victim captive for three days in a house near Lackland Air Force Base.

The affidavit filed in the case states that investigators interviewed the victim, who said she had been dating Salazar's brother. Salazar's brother had previously been found dead in August, according to KENS 5. Details of his death were not immediately available.

“At many points in the time period while she was there, they had zip-tied her to a chair and threatened to kill and harm her with scissors and a knife,” Keith said. “We even have reason to believe that there was a blood ritual performed on her.”

The kidnappers apparently cut off part of the victim's hair and then drew blood from her palm to determine if she had anything to do with the death of Salazar's brother, according to testimony from the victim. The victim also said the group injected her with heroin and forced her to take a pill that made her pass out, reports NY Daily News.

Deputies who rescued the victim say she was able to escape when one of Salazar's three alleged accomplices, Teanna San Nicolas, fell asleep while guarding the victim. The other three were apparently out of the house at the time, allowing the victim to contact help on the phone.

Police are still investigating the allegations that the eventual victim in this case was involved in the death of Salazar's brother, but said that those circumstances won't affect Salazar's prosecution.

“We are the ones responsible for carrying out justice and arresting people. We don’t trust the public to go do that,” Keith said. “That’s what this Mercedes Salazar and some of her colleagues decided to do.”

Sources: NY Daily News, KENS 5 / Photo credit: BCSO via KENS 5


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