'The Look Of Horror On My Face': Woman Finds Something Unexpected At Thrift Store


Texas woman Bridget Cochran was shopping at a local thrift store when she reportedly found a beautiful cookie jar. When she opened it, she realized it contained someone’s ashes.

The jar was initially difficult to open, Click 2 Houston reports. Once Cochran managed to open it, she found a piece of paper inside.

“I pulled the paper out and I’m sure the look of horror on my face was priceless because we were covered at this point in what we didn’t know at that time was ashes,” Cochran told Click 2 Houston.

The paper explained that the man inside the jar, a Mr. Peter John Morel, had died in January 2011. Cochran felt a responsibility to take Morel’s ashes, so she paid $6 for the jar and took it home.

“The minute I read his obituary, this peace just kind of came over me and I said, I’ve got an Army vet here,” Cochran said. “He deserves so much respect.”

Cochran noted that it broke her heart that Morel’s ashes sat on a sale during Veteran’s Day. She later learned that Morel had been a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.

Cochran eventually found Morel’s family in Orlando, Florida. Morel’s wife had reportedly believed that she’d dumped her husband’s ashes into the ocean and then disposed of the urn later.

Shockingly, this isn't the first time a woman has stumbled across a stranger's ashes during a shopping trip. In 2012, a woman in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, was looking for a centerpiece for her dining room when she stumbled across a dark wood pedestal, News 4 Jax reported at the time. It was not until Sara Trevett turned over the pedestal that she released it was an urn with human remains in it.

The news station contacted the funeral home that was noted on the urn, and they said they were working to locate a relative of the deceased person. It's unclear if the funeral home ever followed through on this promise, but Trevett told the news station that she would hold on to the urn until they did.

Sources: Click 2 Houston, News 4 Jax / Photo Credit: Click 2 Houston, Tributes

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