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Texas Woman Davidson Sentenced To Life In Prison After Sixth DUI Conviction

Getting charged with a DUI once is one thing.

It’s always very dumb to drink and drive, but some people need to learn this the hard way, and a DUI serves as a harsh lesson. But six DUIs? You deserve whatever punishment you get.

For Texas woman Rose Davidson, this punishment is life in prison. The 44-year-old was pulled over last July for erratic driving. She had just been released from prison weeks before after serving time for her fifth DUI conviction. When police pulled Davidson over, they found an open can of beer in her center console. She was driving with a BAC over .08 and taken into custody.

Yesterday, a Hays County court handed down Davidson’s sentencing. After an unbelievable six DUIs, she’ll now spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Davidson is not the first Texas resident to be sentenced to life in prison for multiple DUI offenses.

In 2010, 54-year-old Bobby Stovall was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of his ninth DUI.

My question: Why are you allowed to keep driving in the first place after this many convictions? Shouldn’t we revoke someone’s driving privilege after, I don’t know, their fourth DUI charge?

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC


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