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Texas Woman Who Sparked Outrage With Tweet About Slain Cop Is Arrested

A Texas woman's now-infamous Twitter post condemning slain Harris County deputy Darren Goforth sparked outrage. Now, she's been arrested on an outstanding assault charge.

Monica Foy, a student at Sam Houston State University in Texas, blamed Goforth after he was shot 15 times in the head and back while wearing his uniform at a gas station in Houston, according to The Blaze. Police believe that the gunman, 30-year-old Shannon J. Miles, targeted Goforth because he was a police officer.

"I can't believe so many people care about a dead cop and NO ONE has thought to ask what he did to deserve it," she tweeted on Tuesday. "He had creepy perv eyes..."

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Her tweet sparked so much outrage that she deleted it and later did the same to her whole Twitter account after tweeting support for #BlackLivesMatter.

Officers tracked Foy down for a 2011 arrest warrant for a misdemeanor assault with bodily injury charge, according to Breitbart. She was served an arrest warrant after allegedly punched a former co-worker in the face. Court documents say that Foy "struck him about the head and face with a closed fist several times, causing him pain and discomfort. The complainant advised during the course of the assault, his eyeglasses were knocked off his face, and the inside of his mouth was cut as a result of being punched by the defendant.”

Authorities booked her at Montgomery County jail on Tuesday and released her at approximately 3 a.m. Wednesday on a $1,000 bail.

In addition to the legal proceedings for her assault charges, Sam Houston State University may also discipline her for breaching the Student Code of Conduct.

"The student’s remarks will be evaluated to determine if the code was violated following standardized due process," the college wrote on Facebook. "The university has an ongoing commitment to taking actions that strengthen dialog and understanding between our students and the law enforcement community.”

Sources: The Blaze, Breitbart
Photo Credit: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Twitter


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