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Texas Woman Argues Screaming Child In Grocery Store Should Be Beat (Video)

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Texas woman Kathleen Smith's video went viral recently after her rant on child discipline sparked controversy. 

Smith was apparently walking around Texas grocery store chain H-E-B when she saw a woman with her child. According to Smith, the child began to scream for no reason.

“This child starts screaming – I’m talking the blood curdling, veins popping, it was bizarre,” Smith says in the video.

The child was reportedly throwing Cheetos and string cheese on the ground and wouldn’t stop screaming. In a controversial statement, Smith explained how she thought the situation should’ve been handled.

“I just had to take a minute and pray to the baby Jesus,” Smith said, “because I’m telling you I almost walked that woman over to the wooden spoons and showed her how to get that s**t under control.”

A cashier reportedly explained that the child screams during every trip to the grocery store. In response, Smith said in her video that the mother should kill her child, give it away, or leave it at home.

In response to the video, neighbor Kelly Tollar said she was disgusted by Smith's comments. Tollar added that Smith could have hurt someone making a video while driving.

In a second video, Smith reported that she wasn’t sorry for her rant.

Sources: Click2Houston, KTRH / Photo Credit: YouTube


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