Texas Wants to Execute Man Accused of Shooting Cop During Failed Drug Raid

Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza is seeking the death penalty against Marvin Louis Guy, who allegedly shot and killed Police Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie in Killeen, Tx.

Guy is charged with the capital murder of Dinwiddie and three counts of attempted capital murder for allegedly wounding three other officers, noted KWTX.

The alleged shootings happened when the Killeen Police Department’s Tactical Response Unit and the Bell County Organized Crime Unit were serving a "no-knock" search warrant at 5:30 a.m. at Guy's apartment on May 9.

However, they didn't serve the warrant at the door.

The police officers were trying to enter Guy's apartment through a window when Guy fired his gun.

Court papers claim that Guy told police that he shot at “a number of persons” outside of his apartment, reported KDHNews.com.

The search warrant for Guy's apartment was for drugs, which were not found at the scene. The police raid was based on a tip from an unidentified informant who told authorities there was cocaine in Guy's apartment.

The Bell County Organized Crime Unit claimed that it conducted “extensive surveillance” in the area prior to the May 8 raid.

“The informant has reported that Guy is frequently armed with a handgun... affiant (asks) that this warrant be issued authorizing a ‘No Knock’ entry for the suspected place,” stated the Bell County Organized Crime Unit in an affidavit.

According to KWTX, police found the following in Guy's apartment: "glass pipe... a safe, a grinder, a laptop computer, two walkie-talkies, a 9-mm pistol, and three cellphones."

Sources: KWTX, KDHNews.com (Image Credit: Bell County Jail Media Handout)


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