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Texas Waiter Fired For Racially Insensitive Description On Customers' Receipt

A waiter in Dallas, Texas, has reportedly been fired after describing a table of customers as “5 black guys” on their receipt.

Reports say that five friends were eating at Zenna Thai and Japanese in Dallas, Texas last week when they noticed that their server wrote “5 black guys” in the section for the customer’s name.

“I looked at it and seen where it said customer name, and it said '5 black guys,'” Jarian Walker, who received the bill, said to NBC 5. “I was like, ‘OK, wow.’”

The bill was for three drinks that one of the guys in the group had bought for a female coworker who happened to be dining in the same restaurant. The coworker informed a female server who was to paying for their drinks, but she says she never used any words to describe his skin color.

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“I found her, I walked her to the window and said, 'The guy in the red shirt next to the other guy in the hat,'" Maiya Harshaw said. "I didn't even have to use a color to describe who I was speaking about.”

When the men received the drinks receipt from their server, Walker discovered that racial description.

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“He could have just put, 'five guys at the bar.' That should have been sufficient right there,” Michael Brown, one of the men in the group, said. “He didn’t have to put '5 black guys.' Like I said, as an older African-American male, that’s offensive to me.”

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Decoy King, one of the men at the table, says he informed management of the receipt, and while they offered him and Brown an apology, they did not go out and apologize to the rest of the table.

“The timing whether this was, 'five Asian guys,' 'five white guys,' it was wrong, insensitive and downright disrespectful,” King said.

Now, the restaurant says they have fired the waiter, and a manager explained to NBC 5 that they sometimes use ethnic descriptions for groups to help them remember where specific customers are sitting. They insist that they didn’t mean to offend anyone, and the restaurant’s owner says this incident doesn’t represent any of his restaurants.

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC 5 News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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