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Veterinarian Allegedly Stole Dogs Under False Pretenses, Used Them To Harvest Blood

A long-time Texas veterinarian is accused of keeping pets that owners believe were euthanized alive so that he could harvest their blood for transfusions and experimental treatments.

Mary Brewer, a former employee at Camp Bowie Animal Clinic in Fort Worth, said she was working at the clinic when Marian Harris’s dog was supposed to be put to sleep in October due to a congenital birth defect. Brewer said six months later the dog, a 170-pound Leonberger named Sid was being kept alive for his blood.

Dr. Lou Tierce allegedly told the Harris family that nothing could be done for Sid and recommended euthanasia. Harris even brought her young son into the clinic to say a tearful goodbye to the family dog.

Brewer informed the family about Sid and Harris managed to steal her dog back, according to MyFoxFW.

Now Harris is suing Tierce. Police and medical board investigators raided the clinic Tuesday.

According to the complaint, "The clinic was using Sid (and other dogs) for blood transfusions and other experimental treatments.”

Another doctor who examined Sid said "he had mange and shows definite signs of having been used for blood transfusions.”

“The biggest hurt in all of this is the deception and what it means with something that means so much to you,” Harris told the Star-Telegram. “Our pets are family members.” 

“You have a vet keeping dogs under false pretenses,” said the Harris' attorney, Jim Eggleston. “You have family pets that people thought were cremated or put down peacefully that may still be alive.” 

Brewer said there was also a cat at the vet who was being kept alive despite his owner believing he was euthanized.

"He was brought in to be euthanized because he had an abscess in his mouth and couldn't eat, and Dr. Tierce changed his name to Graling, had us put him in the dog ward and left him there, and this time that I came back in 2013, he's still there,” said Brewer.

One woman said she rushed to the vet when she heard the news. Symantha Spence's golden retriever was taken to the vet Sunday.

“We brought him in on a Sunday night and he was very ill. Monday morning, we got the phone call that he had passed away,” Spence said. “We never saw him again so I just wanted to make sure that he did pass away, for sure. We love this vet. They’re been nothing but good for us but we just want to make sure after hearing what we heard today.” 

Sources: MyFoxFW, Star-Telegram


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