Texas 2-Year-Old Tragically Shoots Himself With Father's Gun

A two-year-old boy from Corsicana, Texas, accidentally shot himself in the head with his father’s handgun on Wednesday night.

The child was next to his father while the man was rummaging through his closet. While the father was distracted, the boy found the gun and tragically fired it at himself. Police identified the boy as Kinsler Allen Davis.

The father immediately called 911. Davis was rushed to Navarro Regional Hospital before being flown Dallas Children’s Medical center on a helicopter. Unfortunately, doctors could not save him.

The father says he thought the gun was stored in a place where no one besides him could find it. Police confirmed that there was no form of safety or trigger lock on the gun.

“As you can imagine, they’re extremely upset and distraught,” Corsicana police chief Randy Bratton said. Bratton said the case is officially being ruled an accident. Bratton said his police department will refer to the district attorney’s office for a decision on whether the case will be presented to a grand jury.  If the case is heard by a jury, Bratton said the department is considering “making a firearm accessible to a child” as a possible charge against Davis.

Davis’ neighbor Rickie Holmes says the loss of a son is punishment enough. “One mistake can cause a tragedy, and that’s what we have here, a tragedy,” he said. “Just losing his child’s going to be enough on him.  That’s just enough right there.”

Holmes added that Davis used to be a manager at a firearm store. He had a gun in his home because his house had previously been broken into. Holmes said that Kinsler was in that familiar toddle phase in which he seemed to find a way of getting into any and everything.

Unfortunately for the Davis family, Kinsler’s story now serves as a tragic and heartbreaking reminder of the importance of firearm safety. 

Source: NBC Dallas


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