Texas Toughens Cockfighting Laws


On March 11, 2011, an important cockfighting bill was approved by the Texas House to close loopholes in the existing law. HB 1043 (Christian) would make it a felony to engage in cockfighting and raises the state jail penalty to the level of dog fighting.

The measure also would make it illegal to attend cockfights or make money from them. It bans owning or selling training equipment for roosters to engage in fighting and makes it illegal to manufacture, buy, sell or possess a gaff, slasher or other cockfighting blade—the sharp implements that are attached to the feet of the roosters to inflict crippling or fatal injury during the fight.

Cockfighting is big business in the United States. If you believe it is just a cultural pastime or consider it a “victimless” crime, watch this shocking undercover footage and investigative report shown on ESPN.

Rep. Wayne Christian states he introduced this bill at the urging of Nacogdoches County DA John Fleming and that, “HB 1043 gives local law enforcement the tools needed to crack down on this cruel, illegal activity.”

The measure still must be heard in the Senate (SB 939). Texas residents who want to support it should immediately contact the Senator for their district. 

If you want to lend your voice to help pass HB 1043/SB 939, you can find contact info for the Texas legislature under “Take Action” on this HSUS Humane Alert


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