Texas Tornado Victim Died During FaceTime Call With Husband


One of the 11 victims identified in the tornado that struck Texas on Dec. 26 was on a FaceTime call with her husband when the storm struck.

Petra Ruiz, 27, a mother of four, was killed when the tornado threw her SUV off an overpass, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Ruiz was returning from an appointment at a hair salon, and she discussed with her husband, Ruben Porras, what was for dinner. Ruiz suddenly screamed and the call went dead.

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Porras was able to track her location using a locator app, and quickly made his way there.

He told the Dallas Morning News the area was blocked off by police, so he had to park his car and run about a mile before he saw what was left of Ruiz’s vehicle.

Porras also saw his wife still lying in the car.

“I was just hoping she was still alive,” Porras told the Dallas Morning News.

He ran up to the SUV and began talking to his wife while holding her hand.

“She wasn’t responding,” said Porras. “She had no pulse. She was gone.”

The couple reportedly had a close relationship, working together at a legal firm. The family had just celebrated Christmas, with Porras buying a large number of presents for Ruiz, including a handbag, Bluetooth headphones and makeup.

“I could bring her a chocolate, and that would make her happy,” added Porras. “But she spoiled me, and I spoiled her back.”

“I always told her, ‘We’re going to be two old-a- people, sitting back, fishing,’” he told the Dallas Morning News. “She didn’t much like the fishing part. But she liked the sitting out by the lake part.”

Porras said he is struggling with the loss, but is determined to be there for his children.

“We’re going to make mommy proud,” he said to his daughter.

Ten other victims, including a newborn baby, have been identified so far.

At least 2,000 homes and buildings were damaged during the storm. According to figures released by the Insurance Council of Texas, damages resulting from the tornado could rise to $1.2 billion, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Brant Chandler, the owner of a local insurance group, said it would likely be a month before all insurance claims were made for the damage caused.

Sources: Dallas Morning News (2) / Photo credit: Dallas Morning News

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