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Teen Uses Siri To Save Her During Hurricane (Photos)

Teen Uses Siri To Save Her During Hurricane (Photos) Promo Image

A sick teenager from Houston teenager used personal digital assistant Siri to save her life during Hurricane Harvey.

Fourteen-year-old Tyler Frank has sickle cell anemia, genetic disorder that was triggered during the worst possible time: when she was left stranded on her roof with her family in the middle of a hurricane.

Tyler's fever rose to 103 degrees and her condition cuts off oxygen to certain organs and tissues, leaving the girl in a state of agony, reports CNN.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the pain she experienced was worse than childbirth. But despite all of that, Tyler was determined to get help for both herself and her family.

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At first, she tried calling 911 but was unable to get through. She then reached out on social media, but that effort also proved futile.

Undeterred, she then turned to her iPhone.

"I was like, 'Siri's smart enough! Let me ask her!'" recalls the straight-A ninth-grader.

Sure enough, the Apple technology was able to help, connecting Tyler to the Coast Guard, which flew a helicopter out to her home the following afternoon.

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"You're one brave girl," said the man who answered the phone.

But Tyler's ordeal was not over yet.

When the helicopter arrived, the crew refused to take the girl despite her high fever. The Coast Guard explained crews were only rescuing the elderly at that time, but would come back later.

"She was standing right there in front of him," said Tyler's mother. "And he turned around and got on the helicopter and left."

Tyler said she felt abandoned watching them fly off.

"Why did they leave when we really need them?" she said. "It made me cry."

In a statement, the Coast Guard later explained first responders "were faced with an overwhelming request for assistance due to Hurricane Harvey. On-scene rescue crews made determinations based upon emergent factors (i.e. immediate, life-threatening situations) and the conditions faced on the scene."

Tyler was rescued the following morning. She was hospitalized and is now in stable condition.

Doctors marveled at the girl's resilience.

"She's got this great sense of humor," said Dr. Titilope Fasipe, who treated Tyler. "It's so impressive what she and her family dealt with. I don't think most of us can even imagine."

Although the girl was discharged from the hospital on Sept. 1, her troubles are far from over.

She, her mother and four brothers have been left homeless and are without their own clothes.

They've set up a GoFundMe asking for donations.

"Our car is gone; our house is gone; everything's gone," Tyler's mother said. "We have to start over."

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