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Texas Teen Leads Cops on High Speed Chase After his Pedal Jams

A teen driving a Hyundai Elantra was shocked when his accelerator pedal jammed and he was stuck driving 120 mph on a busy freeway.

He called authorities to tell them what was happening. He told an operator, “I’m stuck in my car, I can’t stop. Please just do anything.”

Elez Lushaj, 16, was weaving in and out of traffic for 113 miles until his car finally came to a stop after it lost control and flipped four times. Fortunately, Lushaj walked away with only minor injuries, but fire crews had to tear off the car’s roof to set him free.

The incident happened in December 2012, but details are just now being released.

The WFAA said Lushaj called 911 for help after he realized his pedal was jammed. A police car followed him, and operators attempted to find a solution by calling a Hyundai dealership.

Despite the number of people involved, no one could figure out how to stop his car.

Now, many are wondering how this could have happened, as Hyundai said the chances of a total system failure are “almost impossible.”

A spokesman said, “It is extremely unlikely there would be simultaneous and spontaneous failure of the braking, acceleration and transmission all at the same time.”

He said that they have attempted to get more information from the Lushaj family, but they have not contacted him.

“We have never heard from the driver, his family, nor their representative and have not had a chance to inspect the car in order to determine what went on here.”

He said they would like to inspect the car and try to figure out what happened.

“We would like to speak with the parties involved and take a look at the car. And we’d like to find out why this hadn’t come to our attention for almost three months.”

The National Traffic Safety Board said they might conduct an investigation.



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