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Texas Teen Found Dead In Hotel Room The Morning After High School Prom (Video)

Police in Houston, Texas say a 17-year-old high school senior was found dead in a hotel room after a night at her school’s prom, and now, a full investigation has been launched.

According to reports, Julie Gomez went back to a hotel to party with her boyfriend after the prom, and the next morning, her boyfriend frantically called police to report he woke up to find her not breathing.

Authorities say they discovered signs in the hotel room that the two had been drinking and say that they may also have been taking prescription painkillers.

“You can imagine if you have ever attended a high school prom what goes on there,” said Houston Detective Mike Miller. “This is no exception.”

Police say they don’t believe Gomez’s boyfriend played any part in her death, but they are awaiting autopsy results to be absolutely sure.

“The boyfriend, at this point, is being completely honest with us and we have no reason to believe he at all contributed to this death,” said Miller. “But in my line of work, you have to be absolutely sure.”

Friends of Gomez say they were in complete shock when they learned that she died so suddenly. Briana Hernandez, a friend and coworker, recalled the moment that she learned of Gomez’s death.

“Right there in that moment, my heart stopped,” said Hernandez to Click 2 Houston. “Every day she would come to work and talk about it. She was so excited to go to prom. I had just texted her. I was like, 'Be careful, have a great time.’”

The police investigation is currently ongoing, and reports say that an autopsy is scheduled for Saturday.


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