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Texas Teen Arrested For Threatening Police On Twitter

A 17-year-old boy was arrested in Fort Worth, Texas, after he allegedly threatened to kill police on his Twitter account.

Montrae Toliver was taken into custody to be questioned on Monday because police say he made a terrorist threat against them by posting a photo on Twitter of a pellet gun pointed in front of a police car, reports The teen reportedly captioned the photo, “Should I do it? They don’t care for a black male anyways!”

In a separate post, Toliver reportedly said the gun in the photo was an Airsoft replica, which police confirmed was the truth.

Someone reportedly saw the teen’s tweet and captured a screenshot of it, which he then sent to Fort Worth’s police department Facebook page.

Police spokeswoman Tamara Pena said it was a threat that would be looked into, particularly given the fact that two New York City police officers were killed by a man who had threatened to shoot police on his Instagram just one week ago in Brooklyn.

Toliver is reportedly an athlete at Northwest High School. He has been booked into Fort Worth Jail and his bail has been set at $500. He is set to be transferred to Mansfield Jail, reports the Star-Telegram.

“Hopefully people are getting it through their heads that it is not a joke, and it can be taken seriously,” Pena said. “Officers are here to help. We are here to do our job, but when we feel threatened we will act upon it. If it is a joke, don’t post it. Keep it to yourself.”

Toliver’s case isn’t the only one of its kind these days. On Monday, a Brooklyn grand jury decided not to indict 16-year-old Yasin Shearin on a felony charge after he reportedly posted “Let’s Kill the Cops” on his Facebook page, reports the New York Daily News. The teen’s mother claims he was just being a child and hadn’t meant what he said.

Sources:, Star-TelegramNew York Daily News/Photo Credit: Andrew Ratto/Flickr 


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