Texas Teacher Reportedly Instructs Students To Slap Young Boy (Video)


Texas parents of one child were outraged when they saw their son was slapped by several students and that the action was encouraged by a teacher.

After 14-year-old Gavin Norman told his mother Skyler that he had been assaulted at school, Mrs Norman became upset. Gavin attends Frank Black Middle School in Houston, Texas.

“[I was] pretty upset. I was trying not to explode,” Mrs Norman told KPRC 2. “That kind of rage, I don’t know how to handle that.”

Gavin was reportedly joking with his teacher when the instructor told other students to slap him. According to Gavin, the students hit him so hard that his glasses broke and he had a knot in his head.

“I was crying when they got done hitting me and teacher didn’t do anything,” Gavin told the news station.

In a statement released from the Houston Independent School District, four “middle school students” were disciplined and the teacher was reprimanded. HISD Police also investigated the claims and presented them to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, though charges were declined.

Gavin’s stepfather, Jaime Jaso, argued that the investigation wasn’t thorough enough. He called for the teacher to be held accountable, and noted that for the instructor to continue his normal duties is a “slap in the face.”

The family is currently attempting to seek legal advice on the situation. 

A similar Texas case occured in 2012, when one teacher ordered 24 students to individually slap a known school bully.

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Sources: Click 2 Houston, ABC News

Photo Credit: Click 2 Houston, Wikipedia


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