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Texas Grocery Store Accused Of Selling Bull Penises To Unknowing Customers (Video)

A Texas supermarket is accused of selling improperly labeled bull penises as human food.

The MT Supermarket in Austin and some of its employees were slapped with a $5,000 civil lawsuit from the Texas Attorney General's office for selling “non-inspected, adulterated and misbranded beef pizzle as human food,” KXAN News reports.

The North Lamar supermarket allegedly took pizzle from boxes “labeled inedible beef, not intended for use as human food and repackaged the pizzle in consumer size packages, then labeled the pizzle as human food.”

The suit added that the defendants also relabeled the packages to show the meat was inspected and from a registered source.

Pizzle is not a word from one of Snoop Dogg’s rap songs, but it’s fo’shizzle an old English term meaning penis — typically from a bull or other animal.

In the United States, pizzle is usually used as a chew toy for dogs or to make glue. The meat is considered an aphrodisiac in some cultures and used in drinks or soups called cow cod.

Scottish deer pizzles are thought to boost stamina and were used by Chinese athletes in the 2008 Olympic Games, The Telegraph reports.

According to the Austin Business Journal, the store’s manager was unavailable to comment on the allegations.

Sources: KXAN News, The Telegraph, Austin Business Journal

Photo Source: Yelp


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