Texas Students Face Criminal Charges For Food Fight (Video)


Ten students at McCollum High School in San Antonio, Texas, have been hit with criminal charges over a lunchroom food fight.

The unidentified students have been charged with inciting a riot.

The food fight began at about 12:30 p.m. on May 21 and was caught on cellphone video (below) by students, noted ABC 7 News.

Harlandale Independent School District spokeswoman Leslie Garza told KSAT, "Inciting a riot is because, that stems from, there was 900 kids in the cafeteria and when the food fight started everybody rushed out and it caused somewhat of a stampede out there."

Garza said one employee had to be taken to the hospital after slipping and falling while cleaning up the mess.

Student Adrian Toscano added:

"It was a rowdy food fight. I mean, there were plates all over the floor, and corn in the air and some milk cartons as well.

"When the bell rang, people were starting to throw food at each other and all ... Yeah, I just got hit out of nowhere, like, by an orange."

Senior students may be banned from their graduation ceremony, and with criminal convictions on their records, those students will have great difficulty getting into most colleges.

Sources: KSAT, ABC 7 News
Image Credit: KSAT Screenshot


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