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Texas Student Suspended For Accidentally Packing Can Of Beer For Lunch


A Texas student was suspended for bringing a can of beer to school. That might sound like the story of a mischievous teenager, but the boy’s mother insists that her son committed an honest mistake. 

Christi Seale claims that her 17-year-old son Chaz grabbed the beer can and packed it into his lunch bag by mistake. For the simple act of bringing the can, Chaz was suspended from Livingston High School for three days and forced to attend an alternative school for two months, ABC 7 reports. 

The harsh punishment was handed down even though Chaz admitted his mistake immediately after recognizing what he had done in the school’s cafeteria. 

“I gave [the beer can] to the teacher thinking I wouldn’t get in trouble, and I got in trouble,” Chaz says. 

Chaz claims that he never opened the beer, and his mother supports his claim that he unintentionally packed the drink after mistaking it for a soda in the morning. She also claimed that the school’s punishment was unjustified since her son was honest with the teachers about his mistake. 

“He was in a hurry, running late. We were talking about school and he put it all together and took off for school. There has to be a grey area; you can’t punish a kid for doing the right thing, the same punishment that you would give a kid that you catch doing the wrong thing,” Seale said, according to UPI.

Regardless of whether or not Chaz’s beverage choice was a mistake, the school is remaining firm on its anti-substance policy. With the aid of his mother, Chaz is appealing his punishment, and many of his fellow students have voiced their support for him in the tough situation.


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