Texas Student Returns Home From School With Bruises


A Texas mother is up in arms after her 10-year-old son came home from school with bruises on his body.

Kim Rios discovered that her son had been swatted by a teacher at Washington Elementary School in Big Spring, Texas, after he came home from school and could not sit down, NewsWest9 reports.

“They had called me from the school and said that he had gotten in trouble,” Rios told NewsWest9, “that he wasn’t listening and he was disturbing the other students and that he was in the principal's office."

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“She was going to allow me to speak to him and she had asked about the swats,” she continued, “and I told her if the swats were necessary, that was fine. But at no point in time did I ever think it was going to be to that extent."

When her son came home from school that day, she discovered the full extent of the punishment.

"I noticed how he was walking and he couldn't sit, so I asked him to show me,” Rios said. “I know he was embarrassed also. As soon as he showed me, I was in shock, I was in complete shock.”

Rios said she was concerned that his tailbone was bruised, and rushed him to the emergency room. At the hospital, she encountered some incredulous medical personnel.

"The hospital couldn't believe it was from the school,” she said. “They kept asking me if it was a relative, if the person at school was related to him, and I said no, it was a teacher and the people at the hospital were in disbelief also.”

That day her son was also sent home with a form for Rios to sign that would allow the school to use corporal punishment when they deemed it necessary. 

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According to the school district, they were allowed to dole out the punishment due to a verbal agreement with Rios. 

“The Big Spring Independent School District administers corporal punishment only when we have written permission or verbal instruction from a parent or legal guardian to do so,” they said in a statement.

Rios claims that she never filled out the permission form.

"I never filled this out, at no point and time have I filled this out,” Rios said. “And the school called me first thing this [Wednesday] morning saying they needed it as soon as possible, but I told her they're not going to get it.

"It's out of control, it's unnecessary for the kids to have to go through that,” she continued. “We send them to school to learn not to be sent home with bruises, that's just excessive force and it's unnecessary.”

Rios has since filed a police report.

Many took to Facebook upon hearing the story to voice their opinions.

"I hope this child receives the justice he deserves," commented one user. 

" ... [Though] most school districts do not allow coporal punishment and some may have such forms for written consent, the legislature still has corporal punishment as a means to address poor behavior on the record books," said another. "Take the matter to court, you won't win."

Source: NewsWest9, NewsWest9 on Facebook

Photo Credit: NewsWest9


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