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Texas Stabbing Suspect Reportedly Spits Own Feces At Police Officers

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A Texas man pooped in the back of a cop car, scooped his feces into his mouth and spit it at officers, according to police.

Jonathon Glenn was originally arrested on Wednesday morning after reportedly knifing a man on Tuesday evening. Officers approached a home in the 2600 blocks of Avenue P and ½ in Galveston, Texas, and attempted to arrest Glenn. After a short chase, Glenn was then placed in a police cruiser and allegedly soiled himself.

After placing the feces in his mouth and spitting it at officers, Glenn wrapped a seat belt around his throat in what was believed to be an attempt at choking himself. Officers cut the belt away and immediately took Glenn to jail.

Glenn is currently being held on $100,000 bond and was charged with aggravated assault. The 29-year-old was also wanted for a kidnapping warrant in Midland, Texas with a $50,000 bond.

Glenn’s alleged stab victim is currently at UTMB-Galveston in critical condition.

In February, Midland man Rocky Gutierrez was arrested for a similar case. Gutierrez reportedly spit blood on an officer who was attempting to restrain him. 

Sources: NY Daily News, KSAT, Midland Reporter Telegram / Photo Credit: KSAT


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