Texas Sheriff Sends Brutal Message To Islamic State Terrorists (Video)

A Texas sheriff sent a warning to Islamic State terrorists who planned to attack the United States, in a harsh address via CNN last week.

In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter discussed Islamic State plans to attack the United States via the group’s domestic sleeper cells. Although Lemon accused Painter of trying to scare Texans, Painter dismissed the claim and cited an intelligence briefing he’d recently had on terrorism and the border.

When asked what Painter might say to Islamic State terrorists, Painter didn’t hesitate to reply.

“If they rear their ugly head, we’ll send them to hell,” Painter said.

Painter added that he may send out a bulletin to Texans warning them of a potential Islamic State cell near Ciudad Juarez, Mexico - located just miles from El Paso, Texas. Although the FBI wouldn’t comment on the topic, law enforcement officials in the area have gone on alert.

Painter noted that denying the quiet operation of Islamic State terrorists within the United States is naïve. He also called for the White House to target the terrorist group that functions within the U.S. and criticized the federal government for not keeping the border secure.

“There needs to be enough bombs dropped on them,” Painter said. “That even if they hear a jet propeller, they urinate themselves down both legs.”

Although Painter was interviewed last Friday, the video of his opinions went viral on Tuesday.

Sources: The Blaze, PJ Media


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